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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lakers Offseason/Kobe Bryant

There is currently alot of talk circulating about Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Looks like Kobe is understandably frustrated with the lack of progress by the Lakers the last couple of years and wants immediate changes. Don't believe any of the talk about #24 being traded, there is no way that will happen. Those changes may start with the return of Jerry West to the Lakers front office in some capacity. If that happens, look for a major overhaul of the Lakers roster this summer. Don't be surprised to see either Jermaine O'Neal, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Ron Artest, etc.. wearing the purple and gold next season at Staples. Even if West only comes back as a consultant or not at all, the pressure is on the Lakers to put a more competetive lineup on the floor in the fall. Regardless of the outcome, Lakers tickets are sure to be a hot commodity in the Los Angeles area next season. You can check out Kobe along with the rest of Team USA in Las Vegas in July and again during the FIBA Tournament of the America's in Las Vegas in August. We are also listing Lakers pre-season game tickets in Las Vegas and Anaheim in October as well. As always be sure to check our website www.ticketrequest.com for tickets.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Anaheim Ducks/Stanley Cup Finals tickets

Now that the Anaheim Ducks have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals we are defintely seeing a hockey frenzy in Southern California. It's good to see U.S. hockey fans representing their sport in such a big way. Hockey has been taking some hits in the U.S. media lately (the network cutting off a playoff game in favor of a horse racing pre-show). Truth be told, hockey is one of the most exciting live sporting events you can see, even if it doesn't translate to t.v. well. If you're looking to purchase tickets to the Anaheim Ducks/Stanley Cup Finals, make sure to check our website www.ticketrequest.com

Friday, May 25, 2007

New Website!

In addition to our new location, we also just redesigned our website and our very happy with the results. We have added many new features to ensure that it is user friendly for our customers. Check it out at www.ticketrequest.com

New Location!

We have recently moved to our new location!

We are still located in Glendora, CA but have now moved down to the main street level (from our old balcony location) on Glendora Avenue. Our new address is 175 North Glendora Avenue, Glendora, CA. 91741

This will give us a much higher profile and will help us better serve our customers. We'll be sure to post pictures of our new office soon.