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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from Ticket Request!!

Big East screwed in Week 10 polls

The AP Poll, USA Today Coaches Poll and BCS Standings have one common theme this week, no love for the Big East. That beleaguered league has received no respect from the major polls all season long. Can you tell me why #15 Pitt dropped out of the rankings completely in week 1 following an overtime loss at current #5 Utah, widely accepted as one of the most hostile road enviroments in all of college football?? Makes no sense, yet Va. Tech is ranked, you know the same Hokies who lost to FCS James Madison. Florida State loses to unranked NC State this week and not only stays in the polls but is joined by the team that beat them??? Yet, no Pittsburgh, now 3-0 in the Big East. No Syracuse, now 6-2 overall and one of the biggest turnaround stories this season. Talk about bias against the Big East and hypocricy at its finest. Being a Big East honk (born & raised in Ct.) and a Pac 10 homer (lived in Los Angeles since '94), here's hoping the Big East champion thumps whomever it plays in its BCS Bowl and Oregon runs all the way to the BCS Championship.

Week 10 BCS Standings

1 Oregon
2 Auburn
4 Boise State
5 Utah
6 Alabama
7 Nebraska
8 Oklahoma
9 Wisconsin
10 LSU
11 Ohio State
12 Missouri
13 Stanford
14 Michigan State
15 Arizona
16 Iowa
17 Oklahoma State
18 Arkansas
19 South Carolina
20 Mississippi State
21 Baylor
22 Virginia Tech
23 Nevada
24 Florida State
25 North Carolina State

Week 10 USA Today Coaches Poll

1 Oregon (51)
2 Auburn (4)
3 Boise State (3)
4 TCU (1)
5 Alabama
6 Utah
7 Wisconsin
8 Ohio State
9 Oklahoma
10 Nebraska
11 LSU
12 Stanford
13 Arizona
14 Missouri
15 Michigan State
16 Iowa
17 South Carolina
18 Oklahoma State
19 Arkansas
20 Virginia Tech
21 Mississippi State
22 Baylor
23 Nevada
24 Florida State
25 North Carolina State
Dropped from rankings: Miami (FL) 22, Michigan 25
Others receiving votes: Hawaii 59, Northwestern 24, Syracuse 14, UCF 13, Maryland 9, Miami (FL) 5, San Diego State 4, Illinois 4, Florida 4, Michigan 3, Northern Illinois 2

Week 10 AP Poll

1 Oregon (49)
2 Boise State (7)
3 Auburn (2)
4 TCU(2)
5 Alabama
6 Utah
7 Wisconsin
8 Ohio State
9 Nebraska
10 Stanford
11 Oklahoma
12 LSU
13 Arizona
14 Missouri
15 Iowa
16 Michigan State
17 Arkansas
18 South Carolina
19 Oklahoma State
20 Virginia Tech
21 Mississippi State
22 Baylor
23 North Carolina State
24 Florida State
25 Nevada
Dropped from rankings: Miami (FL) 22, USC 24
Others receiving votes: Hawaii 50, Syracuse 22, Oregon State 16, Maryland 11, USC 10, San Diego State 9, Illinois 8, UCF 5, Pittsburgh 4, Northwestern 3, Miami (FL) 3, Florida 2, Northern Illinois 1

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Initial BCS standings released

Let the controversy begin! The initial BCS standings for this season have been released. Oklahoma sits atop the standings at #1, which may surprise some people as they have not looked especially dominant so far this season. Whether you are a proponent of a playoff system or in favor of the BCS, there is NO denying that college football has THE best regular season in all of sports. Already on ESPN, there are heated debates about these standings. Some question why the non AQ teams, Boise St and TCU are not higher. In my opinion, Boise St. & TCU are too high, their schedules in the WAC & MWC are a joke compared to Oklahoma's Big 12 schedule, Oregon's PAC 10 schedule and Auburn and LSU's SEC schedule.

1 Oklahoma
2 Oregon
3 Boise State
4 Auburn
7 Michigan State
8 Alabama
9 Utah
10 Ohio State
11 Missouri
12 Stanford
13 Wisconsin
14 Oklahoma State
15 Iowa
16 Nebraska
17 Florida State
18 Arizona
19 Texas
20 West Virginia
21 South Carolina
22 Kansas State
23 Arkansas
24 Mississippi State
25 Virginia Tech

New AP Poll and USA Today Coaches Poll released

After what was a wild Saturday in college football that saw #1 Ohio State go down along with a host of surprising upsets...the new Polls have been released.

AP Poll
1.Oregon (39)
2.Boise St. (15)
3.Oklahoma (3)
4.TCU (3)
8.Michigan St.
11.Ohio St.
16.Florida St.
17.Oklahoma St.
19.South Carolina
20.West Virginia
23.Virginia Tech
24.Mississippi St.
25.Miami (FL)

USA Today
1 Oregon (42)
2 Boise St. (11)
3 Oklahoma (4)
4 TCU (1)
5 Auburn (1)
7 Alabama
8 Michigan St.
9 Utah
10 Ohio St.
11 Wisconsin
12 Iowa
13 Nebraska
14 Stanford
15 Oklahoma St.
16 Missouri
17 Florida St.
18 Arizona
19 West Virginia
20 South Carolina
21 Arkansas
22 Texas
23 Virginia Tech
24 Mississippi St.
25 Miami (FL)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New AP College Football Poll released

AP Top 25
1.Ohio St. (34)
2.Oregon (15)
3.Boise St.(8)
4.TCU (1)
6.Oklahoma (2)
10.South Carolina
13.Michigan St.
16.Florida St.
20.Oklahoma St.
23.Air Force
24.Oregon St.
25.West Virginia

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 5 AP Poll Released

1 - Alabama (58) 5-0
2 - Ohio State (1) 5-0
3 - Oregon 5-0
4 - Boise State (1) 4-0
5 - TCU 5-0
6 - Oklahoma 5-0
7 - Nebraska 4-0
8 - Auburn 5-0
9 - Arizona 4-0
10 - Utah 4-0
11 - Arkansas 3-1
12 - LSU 5-0
13 - Miami (FL) 3-1
14 - Florida 4-1
15 - Iowa 4-1
16 - Stanford 4-1
17 - Michigan State 5-0
18 - Michigan 5-0
19 - South Carolina 3-1
20 - Wisconsin 4-1
21 - Nevada 5-0
22 - Oklahoma State 4-0
23 - Florida State 4-1
24 - Missouri 4-0
25 - Air Force 4-1

Dropped from rankings: USC 18, Texas 21, Penn State 22

Others receiving votes: West Virginia 83, Kansas State 69, USC 52, Texas 33, Northwestern 25, Oregon State 12, Baylor 10, UCLA 8, Virginia Tech 8, North Carolina State 4, Penn State 1

Friday, October 1, 2010

TCU to Big East? Hopefully....

Rumors that the Big East conference is targeting TCU as a potential new member are beginning to gain serious traction. Reports began to surface earlier this week and by mid-week non denail denials were being issued on both sides as well as talk that the two sides had actually met to discuss.
As a lifelong fan of the Big East, i'm all in favor of such a move and have actually thought TCU would be a great addition to the league for quite some time now. They have become a perennial top 5/top 10 caliber team under Gary Patterson the last several years. The Big East has long been in need of another strong football program to bolster the football side of the conference. The dismal showing by the league thus far in the early season underscores that fact. Not to mention that adding TCU would increase the football teams to 9 and solve the scheduling headaches that an 8 football team league presents. Whether TCU would join as a full member or just in football remains to be seen. Remember, the Big East boasts 16 basketball schools and stands as THE elite hoops conference in all the land (sorry ACC). Critics of TCU joining the Big East are quick to point out that a Texas school hardly belongs in the Big East. However, upon closer inspection, travel distance to most Big East schools would be the same as it is for TCU traveling to far flung MWC schools. Did Texas in the Pac 10 or Big 10 make sense? No, but it almost happened. How about BC in the ACC? I could go on and on..... Throw in the fact the the Big East has an automatic bid into the big money BCS bowls, something that the MWC does not posess (and most likely never will with BYU and Utah bolting for greener pastures) and the TCU/Big East marriage seems all the more realistic.
It would be a win win for both sides and would help the Big East improve its tarnished football image, add a huge TV market for a potential Big East Network, open up fertile Texas recruiting grounds to the league and most of all... fend off potential raids by rival leagues down the line. Here's hoping TCU joins the Big East sooner rather than later.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thoughts on College Football, Conference Rivalries....

As regular readers of this blog know, I am a college football junkie. To me, it's the greatest sport in the world hands down. After watching a full Saturday slate of college football, NFL Sundays are a huge letdown. The NFL may be football played at a higher level, but it cannot come close to college football's tradition, pagaentry, spectacle, passion & intensity. College football has rivalries that span over 100 years, involve in state rivals, entire regions of the country, conferences and neighboring states. Families are raised on a particular team and it is passed down from generation to generation. NFL stadiums are antiseptic corportate boxes that average around 60,000. College football is played in historic stadiums, some that seat 100,000 rabid fans and up.

Speaking of conference rivalries, as someone that was born & raised in the Northeast and spent most of my adult life on the West Coast, I lean towards the Big East and PAC 10. Both of which get overshadowed by the other conferences. How does this relate to this week's AP poll? How the heck does West Virginia drop a spot after dominating Maryland on Saturday? How does Pitt, after losing on the road by a field goal at current #13 Utah (one of college football's most intimidating home fields) drop from #15 out of the Poll completely in week 1? Bias against the Big East, that's how. Year after year, the Big East gets bashed. You'd think that after suriving the raid by the ACC earlier this decade and seeing WVU beat the almighty SEC's Georgia in the 2005 Sugar Bowl in Atlanta and beating down highly touted Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, people would give the conference a break. Not to mention, Louisville's '06 Orange Bowl win over the ACC's Wake Forest. These BCS bowl wins (compared to the ACC's pathetic BCS bowl record) ought too be enough to give the Big East the benefit of the doubt when they have a down year.

I welcome your comments.....

Week 3 College Football AP Poll -

AP Top 25
1.Alabama (53)
2.Ohio St. (5)
3.Boise St. (1)
7.Texas (1)
12.South Carolina
19.Miami (FL)
22.West Virginia
23.Penn St.
24.Oregon St.
25.Michigan St.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Sports Roundup: College Football "Monster Saturday", NFL Returns, Team USA Wins Gold

Weekend highlights included College Football's "Monster Saturday" which featured an usual amount of early season high profile games involving traditional powers. While it may not have lived up to the hype (many of the games were lopsided), it did help to bring some clarity to the landscape. Alabama and Ohio State look awfully tough so far this young season. Elsewhere, the almighty NFL returned on Sunday to the delight of fans nationwide. And last but certainly not least, Kevin Durant led a talnted but unheralded group of young NBA stars to the FIBA 2010 World Championships of Basketball. The USA last won Gold in this event in 1994 and won Bronze in 2006. This should hopefully put to rest all the nonsecial debate about who the dominant basketball country in the world is. The USA now boasts the 2008 Olympic Gold and the FIBA 2010 World Championship Gold.

Week 2 College Football AP Poll released

1 Alabama (52) 2-0
2 Ohio State (5) 2-0
3 Boise State (1) 1-0
4 TCU 2-0
5 Oregon 2-0
6 Texas (1) 2-0
7 Oklahoma 2-0
8 Nebraska 2-0
9 Iowa 2-0
10 Florida 2-0
11 Wisconsin 2-0
12 Arkansas 2-0
13 South Carolina 2-0
14 Utah 2-0
15 LSU 2-0
16 Auburn 2-0
17 Miami (FL) 1-1
18 USC 2-0
19 Stanford 2-0
20 Michigan 2-0
21 West Virginia 2-0
22 Penn State 1-1
23 Houston 2-0
24 Arizona 2-0
25 Oregon State 0-1

Monday, August 23, 2010

Random thoughts on AP Poll

Ok, as promised, here are some quick thoughts on who is undervalued and overvalued in the initial AP poll of the season.

Overrated - Nebraska (good, not that good), Iowa (last season was a fluke), Va Tech (too high), Oregon (no Massoli), ACC (enough said), Florida (no Tebow), Boise St. (weak schedule), Oregon St. (not top 25), LSU (weaker every year without Saban), Penn State (not top 25)

Underrated - Big East (tough 1-6), USC (elite talent, may win Pac 10 and AP title), Pitt (loaded with Dion Lewis, Greg Romeus and Jon Baldwin), West Virginia (loaded with Noel Devine & co. to go with solid D), UConn (great coach in Edsall, great running game with Todman, great D with Wilson & Lutrus), Cincinnati (great QB in Collaros, elite receiving corps led by Binns and Hazelton), Auburn (solid D, great offensive scheme), Stanford (great QB in Luck), Washington (Locker's senior swan song)

Well there you go, let's see how the season plays out and what teams end up in the final poll

Saturday, August 21, 2010

AP Poll released, College Football set for kickoff

The initial AP Poll of the Season has been released, signifying that the start of College Football is right around the corner. As expected, defending BCS Champion Alabama starts the season #1. The top 5, Alabama, Ohio State, Boise State, Florida and Texas – are the same teams that finished in the top 5 at the end of last season, and that make up the top 5 in the Coaches' poll. 7 teams (No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Ohio State, No. 11 Oregon, No. 12 Wisconsin, No 15 Pittsburgh, No. 18 North Carolina, No. 20 Florida State and No. 25 West Virginia) land in the same position in the AP and Coaches' polls. Conference breakdown: Big 12 places the most teams in the AP's top 10 (3), the ACC places the most in the top 20 (5) and the SEC has the most in the entire poll (6), due to LSU, Auburn and Georgia coming in at Nos. 21, 22 and 23. At first glance, it seems the Big East has a valid gripe as Cincinnati and UConn are legit top 25 teams. I'll have additional thoughts on the poll, who's ranked too high, too low, or is missing altogether, stay tuned.
1.Alabama (54)
Ohio St. (3)
Boise St.(1)
5.Texas (1)
Oklahoma (1)
Virginia Tech
Miami (FL)
Georgia Tech
North Carolina
Penn St.
Florida St.
Oregon St.
West Virginia
Others Receiving Votes: Cincinnati 108, Stanford 81, Utah 80, South Carolina 71,
Houston 66, Connecticut 32, Notre Dame 31, Missouri 27, BYU 19, Clemson 15, Arizona 15,
Texas Tech 14, Navy 12, Washington 8, Texas A&M 7, Mississippi 6, Oklahoma St. 3, Cent. Michigan 2, Temple 2, Middle Tenn. St. 2, UCF 1, Boston Coll. 1, SMU 1

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lakers victory parade caps off victorious season

The 2010 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their repeat championship Monday in Los Angeles with a victory parade. Hundreds of thousands of euphoric Laker fans lined the streets surrounding Staples Center hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite player and share in the jubilation of the franchise's 16th NBA Championship. Despite the excitement surrounding their Finals victory over the Boston Celtics, talk is quickly turning towards their attempt at a "three-peat" next season. Most of the team, including core players Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Ron Artest & Lamar Odom returns intact, with the exception of a few free agents. Most notable among those being Derek Fisher who has voiced his desire to return and finish his career as a Laker. Coach Phil Jackson, who now lays claim to a record 11 NBA titles, is still debating whether he will return for another season.